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BUZZI SRL is a historical Italian company engaged in the design and production of High Frequency Welding Machines.

Its constant innovation has allowed it to establish itself quickly on the Italian scene.

Today its products can be found all over the world.

Simac Tanning Tech 2024 17-18-19 September

Simac is the international appointment with the most qualified offer of machinery and technologies for the footwear and leather goods industry, which takes place in Milan, in concomitance with Lineapelle.


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Focus on sustainability

Under the pressure of European regulations, which have banned the use of toxic metals such as MERCURY, with the HERMES project we have been able to develop systems with the use of “eco-friendly” catalysts such as BISMUTE, ZINC, ZIRCONIUM, and STAGNO to produce GREEN and ECO-SUSTAINABLE RESINS DOMES. A new generation of two-component resins, in which the primary elements are eco-compatible, thanks to raw materials of natural origin and not of total chemical derivation.

The new catalysts have involved studies for the redesign of the stability systems (UV absorber filters) of the resins against the effects of aging, including the study of high-frequency electric fields and microwave irradiation systems to improve the quality, catalyzation and drying times of the new resins produced.

The pilot plant realized has been equipped with a new control logic, studied and realized within the project, the HERMES BOARD. All the electronics and
All the electronics and the control logic has been realized in accordance with the dictates of INDUSTRY 4.0, as it is able to communicate upstream and downstream of the production chain with other devices from an internet of things perspective and with the use of Cloud systems for data exchange.

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