Front and side table HF Welders

Front and side table hf welders are recommended when dealing with large sizes of work. Built with closed presses they can reach high levels of pressure and uniformity along the entire welding surface.

Single, double or overlapping machines are the evolution of manual machines.

The tables increase the production and facilitate the operator in the preparation of the material to be processed and can be enslaved by manipulators and robots.

The movement of the tables can be either manual or automatic. The press drive can be both pneumatic and hydraulic.

Technical Specifications Front and side table HF Welders

  • HF powers from 3 to 100 kw.

  • Worktop from 500×700 mm to 1250×2500 mm.

  • Press power from 800 to 40000 kg.

Application Sectors Front and side table HF Welders