HF Welders Support

Assistance and support for a unique customer care

Continuous Innovation

Since 1970, we have been designing high frequency welding equipment according to customer specifications. We follow every phase of construction in-house until final delivery.

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Our experience is at the service of the customer in order to achieve high quality standards in the product.

Rapid Assistance

Our technical staff works in order to provide customers with an effective and timely support, to complete a product made by a dynamic and professional company, where seriousness and commitment are combined with a passion for this work, ensuring quality and safety.

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Certified Compliance

Each HF welding machine is set up for Wi-Fi connection with the company’s own network, which guarantees immediate monitoring of the machinery, useful to

  • Clarify complications that arose during production at the customer’s site
  • modify work programs without a visit from the technician
  • have a clearer overview of the situation in order to intervene in a precise way

Spare parts

We supply and guarantee all the components in our high frequency machines.

For years we have established relationships of trust with our suppliers that allow us to make extremely versatile choices for every different need.

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