Welding Blanking plus Blanking machines

The WELDING BLANKING  plus BLANKING machines are suitable for the May part of articles in the world of leather footwear. These can make a wide range of products being designed and designed for this purpose. They are usually built with presses with a closed configuration with a rotating table in order to allow an adequate production capacity.

The hydraulic system is chosen taking into account the softness and strength necessary to perform the most particular processes with a very low sound and energy impact system.

There is a plan heating system, programmable in digital, and a cooling one.

The softness and the precision of the rotary table always allow a perfect and continuous positioning of the products under the two pressing heads.

All the machines are built in the sign of Robustness, Safety and Reliability, with the best mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components on the market. PLC management is standard on all models to guarantee a high and constant production speed, ensuring an easy and fast man / machine interface. All the machines comply with the Machinery Directive 2006 / 42CEE, 2004 / 180CE, 2006 / 95CE and DIgs 81/2008.

Technical Specifications Welding Blanking plus Blanking machines

  • HF powers from 3 to 60 kw.
  • Worktop from 200x200mm to 1000x1500mm.

  • Press power up to 300,000 kg.

Application Sectors Welding Blanking plus Blanking